First Time for Everything…

I persevered. I dug deep and “He Is” is now visual. I’m so excited as this is a first for me!

Audio for “He Is” can be heard here.

Special thanks to my awesome husband for pushing me to create this video and his brother from Moyo Time for filming it.  Check out Moyo Time and their wildly entertaining, educational and family friendly YouTube channel and hear why they do what they do!

I really wanted to quit. So many things went wrong with this project (crazy schedule, crazy time constraints, lost clips, no sleep, computer crashes, hours of editing disappeared, children arguing, power outages, no sleep, hours of reading articles and trouble shooting), yet so many things went right. Sometimes we have to wade through what’s wrong (not avoid it) to get to what’s right.  I want to send a word of encouragement to all…Just Stand Up! (More to come on that a little later)

Sleepless nights. Too much screen time. So, I’m ’bout to lay it down like a fresh set of dominoes…but, first…

Thank you Lord for your faithfulness, though I thought you left a sister hanging when I lost 7 hours of editing and had to spend all of Father’s Day trying to troubleshoot FCPX. Nevertheless, you gave me the grace to persevere, blessed me with a patient and understanding husband/baby daddy, and breathed life into this piece and the creative spirit you’ve given me.  I pray that it touches, heals and challenges. Thank you for choosing me to be your vessel. Amen.

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