He Is…

I am so excited about my new piece, “He Is”.  Remembering my daddy. He was amazing, even through his imperfections and struggles and I love and miss him dearly.  “He Is” is a tribute to my own experiences with my father; the memories of him-both the beautiful and the beautifully ugly. It is also a celebration of my husband, who is, in ways, redeeming what was lost. He is loving. Devoted. Strong. Passionate. Intentional. The father I prayed my children would have. He is constantly evolving into a better father and a better man every day.

So, to the men who desire fatherhood, who have run from it, who have faced its challenges valiantly…  

To the children with fragmented experiences of what a father is, with experiences of an incomplete man who is completely devoted to being the best father he can be…

To all, who can dwell in being known, in being loved and in the solace, grace, joy and healing in Our Father…

….HE IS…for you.

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